I think I might have broken my finger reblogging this. 

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me comforting others

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if u go through my phones call log all you see is my mothers number over and over

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One time this girl really hated me and wanted to ruin my reputation or something so one day i was talking to a boy and she came up and really obnoxiously said “you know she has a crush on you right?” and he was like “man i hope so or else this is gonna get really awkward”

She fuckin told my boyfriend that i liked him

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"Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life."

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This hit me like a brick…

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Courtney Act on body image and self-confidence

That last one …

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my nine year old cousin is always like “why are you making jokes all the time” and i’m just like “it’s a coping mechanism because i’m not emotionally stable enough to deal with the hard realities of human existence now go watch ratatouille”

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This is basically my entire life. 

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We’re adults and we get to decide what that means: The Home Depot Edition


We’re adults and we get to decide what that means: The Home Depot Edition

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I say this to my friends all the time, and they don’t get it.

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